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Rainbow Opportunity

Amanda & Brett Bartholomew

Area Distributor

Our Rainbow journey started in September of 2018 when I watched a demo for a friend to earn her attachments. With no intention of purchasing the Rainbow I was quickly amazed and SOLD. I joined like everyone else to get my investment back. Within 4 and a half weeks of owning the Rainbow I quit my full time job as an HR manager in Memphis and went to work for Rainbow Full Time. By February of 2019 I made GSD and by May had qualified for Area Distributor. Brett joined with Rainbow part time in May of 2019 after the World Meeting in San Diego.
Rainbow has been a blessing to us as it has “SAVED” our oldest son from a lifetime of inhalers and steroids.

“Rainbow has saved my son Seth James from a lifetime of respiratory illness. He’s come off of 4 inhalers and 9 medications within a matter of weeks of us owning the Rainbow.” Amanda & Brett Bartholomew-

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