Amanda & Brett Bartholomew

Area Distributor

Our Rainbow journey started in September of 2018 when I watched a demo for a friend to earn her attachments. With no intention of purchasing the Rainbow I was quickly amazed and SOLD. I joined like everyone else to get my investment back. Within 4 and a half weeks of owning the Rainbow I quit my full time job as an HR manager in Memphis and went to work for Rainbow Full Time. By February of 2019 I made GSD and by May had qualified for Area Distributor. Brett joined with Rainbow part time in May of 2019 after the World Meeting in San Diego.
Rainbow has been a blessing to us as it has “SAVED” our oldest son from a lifetime of inhalers and steroids.

“Rainbow has saved my son Seth James from a lifetime of respiratory illness. He’s come off of 4 inhalers and 9 medications within a matter of weeks of us owning the Rainbow.” Amanda & Brett Bartholomew-

Happy Customers

I have purchased 6 Rainbows over the years for my family and friends. I run the Rainbow in my home and clinic 24/7 and highly recommend them to all my patients that suffer from allergies, asthma and breathing problems. I love being able to say that I have the cleanest clinic in Jackson TN.”
Dr. Michael BrileyFamily MD Primary Care Specialist - South Jackson TN
I love my Rainbow!! I can rest assured after cleaning with this vacuum that my house is completely clean. Never any worries with children coming over that they cant play in the floor because my floors are not clean.
Brandy KirkpatrickRainbow owner



AHAM is currently the only independent association that certifies air cleaners in the
United States.

The Rainbow® is the only home cleaning system in the world that has been officially certified as an
Air Cleaner.

The Rainbow® Cleaning System has been evaluated by an independent testing laboratory and the CRI has granted it the Green Label Seal of Approval in all three tested elements:

Soil removal
Dust containments
Carpet appearance

The AAFA is the leading non-profit organization in the United States  representing the interests of asthma and allergy sufferers and it is independently dedicated to identifying effective solutions for people with breathing problems.

This certification is only awarded to home cleaning systems that have been scientifically proven to remove allergens from the home without redistributing the particles back into the air.